The increasing incidence of forced conversions in Pakistan is a matter of concern. By Dr. Emanuel Adil Ghouri


Although Pakistani Christian women are facing many problems but the whole world is aware of the problems like kidnapping, gang-rape, forced marriage and religious http://conversion.As far as the news is concerned Only the government of Pakistan has deliberately turned a blind eye .If the problem exists, then on November 15, 2019, a bill on forced conversion was presented in the Sindh Assembly, which will be rejected . the feadral government of Pakistan which also prepared the bill, but then the government could not withstand the pressure of religious parties and on October 13, 2021, this bill was rejected by the parliament. even before submission

A few months ago, the famous religious leader, the government spokesperson, President Ulema Council of Pakistan, Maulana Tahir Ashrafi, said in a media statement that there has not been a single incident of forced conversion and marriage in Pakistan, while according to the information provided by social organizations, The number is at least one thousand per year

As a journalist, I have seen some cases personally. The first incident happened in Hajipora area of ​​Sialkot where Muhammad Imran forced Asma Yaqoob to convert and marry. On her refusal, Muhammad Imran threw acid on her. Killed him The case of which was registered in the Civil Line Police Station, the accused has been punished in this case

The second incident took place in Sahu Wali, where five obscene youths kidnapped a Christian girl, Muskan Sabir Masih, sexually assaulted her at gunpoint and forced her to convert. has been punished

The third incident took place in a village in Sialkot, Beer , where a Christian girl Nayla d/o javead was abducted at gunpoint by kidnappers and tried to transfer her from Sialkot to Islamabad with the intention of forced marriage .Fortunately, there was a traffic block on the way due to a procession which gave her a chance to escape from the hands of the kidnappers and she along with her family reached the office of Christian awearness Movement for help.

A case of this incident was registered in the Motra police station. Due to the inattention of the police, the accused could not be arrested, although the investigation officer of this case was also suspended because of us.

Due to non-arrest, the accused continued to increase pressure on the plaintiff’s case, as a result of which they had to give a plea agreement

In recent days, a tragic incident took place in Rasool Nagri area of ​​Wazirabad district, in which a 15-year-old Christian girl, Maskan D/o Asghar Masih, aged 15, was forcibly married and converted at gunpoint by Muhammad Ahmed, son of Muhammad Munir, along with other unknown accomplices. kidnapped Case No. 308/23 dated 15/5/2023 was registered in police station City Wazirabad in the complaint of Fauzia Asghar wife of Asghar Masih.

Although the accused was named in this case, he could not be arrested, but he was given such an opportunity that he submitted the girl’s acceptance of Islam certificate and marriage certificate to the court. The girl, who came home after three months, said that she neither accepted Islam nor got married of her own free will.

He was held in a private torture center for three months and was physically tortured to get his consent

Tragedy is that the girl who was freed from illegal detention is publicly harassed by Muhammad Ahmed along with his accomplices displaying weapons and forced to take her along.

The local police are unable to provide protection to the girl due to which the victim’s family has to leave their home and city. This family is in helpless position .the fact that the incident went viral on social media, Christian lawyers’ organizations, NGOs earning dollars in the name of human rights did not take any steps to help the victim’s family. Church needs to play its role to prevent such cases and help the victims.


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